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                                  KIMIAGARAN INTERNATIONAL CO.


                          We take the liberty to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Iranian trading firms dealing in various commodities to

                       import to and export from Iran.

                       Based on the past experiences and references of the founder and executives of KIC in engineering and technical projects, we have

                       mainly concentrated on the project oriented items where we supply equipment and materials for gas, oil, petrochemical and power

                       plants through our team of highly experts, rich sourcing bank, necessary tools, professional approach and cooperative intentions.

                       KIC's objectives are aligned with Iran's strategic position as an industrial leader in the region and its efforts to expand bilateral

                       and multilateral relationship with distinguished companies where we can play an effective role.

                      KIC has focused on raising its standards and efficiency to international levels in order to actively maneuver in the potential markets

                      all around the world.

                       KIC has based its strategy on the global and vast activities in which we believes to be the representative of every single company

                        in the world which has something exclusive and competitive to offer; exclusive in standards, exclusive in quality, competitive prices

                        and at last not the least exclusive in obligations and relationship.

                        To expand our corporate foundation, to penetrate and maneuver in the world markets and in order to optimize strength and potentials,

                        we at KIC seek to join forces with international partners in ways that will maximize the use of the extraordinary market opportunities

                        all around the world.






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